Forget What You Heard

Don’t touch my tools

Or I’ll break your bones

What the heck do you know

About my home grown

Thought you knew

Now you do

Forget what you heard

I’m not about the words

So forget your verbs

Go hit the curb

Make sure not to swerve

Or you’ll get served

You know that I’m the type of boss

That loves my life real

So forget what you heard

I’m going to show you what I learned

So go sing like a bird

You sound like a turd

Do you suffer from gerd

I’m fine with being third

Don’t get lost in the words

Just show how you feel

Keep it real with oneself

So forget what you heard


You are not alone
God is with thee
Though the road is rough
You are not alone
God is with thee
For infinity
Look up to heaven above
You are not alone
God is with thee
For infinity
Love will never fail you
For it is all around you
You just need to look
All around and within
You are not alone
God is with thee
For infinity
So lift your spirit high
Give thanks and praise
Have faith and trust
You are not alone
God is with thee
For infinity
Full of grace and compassion
Saving my soul from being lost
I know love will never fail
For you are the one who teaches this
We are not alone
God is with us all
For infinity


I’m here to bear witness
Of a universal renewal
Every time you attack me
All these scars burn
For all the torture
For all the pain
For all the blood
For all the tears
No more in silence
Because that’s violence
You tried to kill
What could not be killed
You tried to undo
What cannot be undone
You crossed the line
Your fate is sealed
Which is concealed
In the after doom
In the gloom
Of my despair
Where I was left
In pain to die
Bruised and bare
Holding on to life
Fascinated by the light
That even death
Holds a bitter sweetness
Wanting relief
Yearning to be free
I take refuge
In your light
In your love
Even in the stillness
Of your darkness
You heal these scars
Upon this heart



Take me in

Wipe me clean

I’m so dirty

From all your exhortations

I have no expectations

I see a revelation

It will birth a new generation

Beyond comprehension

Filled with apprehension

I see the tension

Wanting ascension

Master invention

Put you in another dimension

No longer held in suspension

Scratching the surface

Giving you plenty of extension

With special attention

Who’s running this convention

Devilishly poetic

Might be genetic

Fully kinetic

We got that connection

Shifting directions

Reflecting perfection

Serving introspection

All demanding respect

While under investigation

Stop with the exaggeration

We are all in this together

Give a standing ovation

To all the nations