Where We Live

As the morning’s day

Begins to warm

A breeze stirs

It sets free

The coolness


Under the shade

Of the tree’s

As the coolness

Of night

Begins to take hold

The evening air

Is filled

With the rhythmic

Sounds of the night

In the darkness

Of night

The stars

The moon

Illuminate the skies

In the light

Of day

The sun

Shines forth

For all

To see the beauty

Could this be home?


We are playing tag

God is it

By the touch of God

You’ll be frozen

God always wins

Just enjoy the fun

That’s what it’s about

You know the rules

You know the game

It’s a matter of time

With all these rhymes

It’s about that thrill

Relax and go with it

Before long

You’ll be frozen too

Now you know

How it ends

But, do you know how it begins?

We are playing tag

Love is it

Love always wins

Love is where is all begins

Love Always Wins

Infect me with your poison

Fill me to I am left dead on the floor

Lifeless, breathless, motionless

Is that what would please you?

How come so much pain?

Instead of killing the soul

Which is love itself


To allow the healing to begin

Please don’t leave the story this disillusioned

Can we find a better way to leave it wide open?

This battlefield of balance has been thrown off

Say you will join me to turn the page

To another new beginning

Oh please say you will

Love is just what there seems to be

What is in short supply

Please complete this breath you finish

You will know in the end

Love always wins

The One

I got to

Hand it to

The one who

Loves me

Watches over me

The one who

Protects me

Shelters me

It’s your love

That sustains me

The one who

Allows me

To shine in

The way that

You make me

So beautiful

I am

Cause you’re the one

Who surrounds me

You’re the one

Who loves me

You’re the one

Who makes

What I am

You’re the one

Who heals the sores

You’re the one

Who I’ll forever live for

Cause your

The one

I love

Fuck What You Heard

Don’t touch my tools bitch

Or I’ll break your bones hoe

What the fuck do you know

About my home grown

Thought you knew

Now you do

Fuck what you heard

I’m not about the words

So fuck your verbs

Go hit the curb

Make sure not to swerve

Or you’ll get served

You know that I’m the type of boss

That loves my shit real

So fuck what you heard

I’m going to show you what I learned

So go sing like a bird

You sound like a turd

Do you suffer from gerd

I’m fine with being third

Don’t get lost in the words

Just show how you feel

Keep it real with oneself

So fuck what you heard